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Experiences and short trips

The idyllic mill is far from the urban hustle and bustle. In its surrounding area, you will be able to discover picturesque and untouched nature and strong energies. You will also have endless opportunities to explore Slovenia, including places beyond its borders. You can go on short trips yourselves, or we can organise them for you.

Orion Trail
The Orion Trail follows the footsteps of ancient cultures through interesting places and areas.
You certainly won’t be bored as you cycle, as you will be able to explore the rich, natural, cultural, historic, and ethnological heritage.
The valley of the River Gračnica and numerous hiking trails
Picturesque, unspoilt nature to be discovered: on foot, by bike or electric bike, electric scooter, or canoe.
Fishing in nearby streams and ponds
The Marof Pond is 550 m from the House under the Waterfall, in Mrzli Studenec.
Jurklošter Charter House
Where the Slovenian Romeo and Juliet were in love.
Visit the monument of the Cybele and Apollo cult
Only one hundred metres from our homestead, there is an unusual, partially preserved monument-altar.
Hidden corner with a view
Our hidden corner with a wonderful view of the waterfall and the natural pool.
2016 – award for the most beautiful spa town in Slovenia.
Take a tour of Olimje Monastery, which has one of the oldest pharmacies and a famous chocolate shop, the Jelenov Greben farm, etc.
Nearby spas and health resorts
the Terme Laško Spa, the Rimske Terme Spa, the Terme Olimia Spa, the Rogaška Slatina Spa
Nearby golf courses
The Olimje Golf Course
Mt Rogla, Maribor Pohorje Hills
Treat yourself to an active holiday in the heart of nature.
Urban hustle and bustle
If you can still simply not resist urban hustle and bustle