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Wellness and meditation

Enjoy the incredible energy of water. Sheltered by Cybele and Apollo and under the constellation of Orion, listen to the burbling of the waterfall and relax as you seek inner peace by the wonderful Marof Waterfall – at the homestead or in its surrounding area.


Voda, ki pomirja

Calming water

One rarely experiences comfort next to a waterfall right next to a house one is staying in, but in this location guests can enjoy this comfort, as it is here that the River Gračnica made its way over a large rock face, thus creating a very beautiful 8-metre 2-level waterfall with a wide and shallow natural pool below.


Meditation and relaxation

In the meditation room on the first floor with a view of the waterfall and the natural pool you will be able to focus on your meditation ritual, do yoga, or simply relax as you read a book. Ideas will form on their own, you’ll just have to simply pick one.

Kopalnica s savno

Get warm in the sauna

To make your relaxation truly perfect, there is also a bathroom with a sauna on the first floor.

Skrivni razgledni kotiček

Hidden corner with a view

The corner can only be accessed by our guests. There, you can enjoy a wonderful view of the waterfall and the natural pool, and many guests have experienced the strong energies that can be felt in this room. You will certainly feel them as well.

Sprehod v središče sveta

A walk to experience the cosmic connectedness of ancient settlers

The 6 km long walking trail called Orion’s Trail that follows the footsteps of ancient cultures will arouse your interest.

In his book “V znamenju Oriona” (“In the Sign of the Orion”), Friar Karl Gržan explains that this area of three rivers, the Sava, Savinja, and Sotla, used to be the “centre of the world” with megalithic monuments placed there by ancient settlers, most likely of Celtic origin.

Spomenik Kibelinega in Apolonovega kulta

Incredible power to cleanse your spirit: when the Mother Goddess meets nature's deities

Nearby, there is a monument-altar of the Cybele-Apollo cult with carefully crafted reliefs: the front side features an ornate frame with the attributes of Attis and Cybele (together they represented the life-giving power of nature and its ability to regenerate, and its cult was entrusted only to priests of Phrygian origin called the Galli), and with the attributes of Apollo on the left side. These reliefs attract special attention due to the unusual symbolic value of the items used. This raises some questions related to the worship of pre-Christian deities and to the settlement of this area in Roman times.

Marof is not only a place to spend the night.

Marof is a wonderful renovated mill with a folk charm in a fairy-tale rural environment. A perfect getaway for 5 people with all of the amenities: Wi-Fi, clean drinking tap water, local home-made food, a parking spot, heating with a heat pump and a wood-burning furnace, a sauna, and endless options for activities or a getaway where truly no one will be able to disturb you.

We remain true to millers’ values: openness, hospitality, and relaxation.